Project management

Expertise in advising on, organising and designing intelligent work spaces.

What we do

DTZ’s project management team in France organise and design intelligent work spaces for clients.

A turnkey offer

The DTZ CODES team (from the French “Conseiller, Organiser, et DESigner” – “Advise, Organise and Design”) offers a fully comprehensive service:

  • Support for the property projects of large occupiers
  • Works management and general contractor
  • Preparation of technical audits in the pre-acquisition phase


Why choose DTZ?

Property as a strategic issue

DTZ CODES places property at the very centre of corporate global strategy. Growth strategies, financial strategies, HR strategies, communication strategies: all take their place in context alongside the technical features of the building, its opportunities and its constraints.

Tailored support

DTZ CODES is backed by a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural team of proven professionals, architects, technicians and consultants who view every new project as a challenge.

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Our clients include: Verspieren, DOC@POST, BROADCOM, OSEO, CONVATEC, Telindus, Caisse des Dépôts, ANPE, Petit Bateau.

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